Tap Away Stress Zoom Session
Tap Away Stress Zoom Session

Tap Away Stress Zoom Session

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This is a 45-minute zoom session where I walk you through a personalized EFT tapping sequence aimed at clearing your energy blocks to decrease stress.

EFT tapping can help you with:

  • stress relief
  • reduced anxiety
  • stronger focus
  • better eating habits
  • increased abundance ($$$)
  • receiving/finding love
  • insomnia
  • increasing your vibrations

WTF is tapping?

EFT is based on the premise that all negative emotions come from a disruption in the body's energy system. By returning the body's energy flow to normal, we clear the channels for complete harmony, and in turn massively reduce stress. 

EFT works the same way acupuncture does, by stimulating meridian points, but instead of needles, you use your fingertips! When we tap on the specific meridian points (remember I walk you through it!) we also say/remember a negative experience or emotion. It is a little counter-intuitive for my Law of Attraction folks out there, but when you say or remember a negative emotion, it actually brings the emotion up to the surface where the tapping can clear it. We may start tapping on something that happened yesterday and end tapping on something that happened when you were 5.  It's all fair game.   


What happens after I order?

I will email you (using the email you used to check out) to find a time that works for both of us. I'll then send the zoom conference link prior to the session. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email me (Rylee) at hello@manyblossoms.com. 


How are the sessions structured?

The first 15 (ish) minutes will consist of:

  • Me explaining EFT and where the meridian points are in your body
  • Discussing what you'd like to "tap on" (ie what is stressin' you out)
  • Short breathwork session to get us revved up

The rest of the session will consist of:

  • Rounds of tapping 
  • Checking in with how you feel 


Who is this for?

Bby, if you have gotten this far it's simply for you. You don't have to believe in any energetic systems or blocks, you just have to come to the session with an open mind...  and some tissues.

Please note: this service does not replace professional counseling. If you seek medical, legal, financial, or any other professional advice, reach out to a licensed or qualified professional.