10 of the Dreamiest Bathrooms Imaginable


I don't know about you but I dream about bathrooms, bathtubs especially, a lot. Like a lot a lot. Here are my favs.



1) Now you're in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new.



2) Simple yet so luxurious. 



3) I could so fall asleep in here.. wait I guess that's not a good thing.



4) There is something so magical about the mountains. 



5) The skylight looks like an angel coming down from the sky.



6) Because.. amethyst. 


7) I can just imagine being here with my booboo.


8) Everyone would call you madam in this place.


9) How could you not feel like a rose quartz goddess. 


10) Don't you already feel so clean?



Hope you enjoyed loves!


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